How does Athens taste?

In 2004, Taste of London took the stage of the Somerset House as one of the ground-breaking events that heralded an era of advancements in the global gastronomy scene. Pass some fifteen years, and Athens brings the concept to its grounds. Taste of Athens gathers leading restaurants -some of which Michelin-star awarded - and from their own booths they serve special menus featuring signature dishes, and making sure they showcase the latest developments in the Athenian cuisine.

Pride Festivities

Over the years the Athens Pride Week has managed to become the biggest -in impact and attendance- visibility festival for the LGBTQI+ communities in SE Europe. Its aim is to forward the overall discourse on the community rights and claims and culminates with the Pride Parade at the centre of Athens. APW is framed by a lineup of curated cultural, educational and artistic events, where the city's most vibrant collectives raise their voice to promote the public discourse. Ever t

ALBA - Business [un]usual

Over the course of the years, Big Olive has provided service to the community of the ALBA Graduate Business School. Consistent to ALBA's distinctive vision and mission - "Business unusual"- our team has crafted a series of custom itineraries in Athens and beyond, offering an educative, yet entertaining perspective on the city and its highlights. Organise a study trip or custom project with Big Olive. Drop us a line! Craft Your Business - an joint initiative with the IRC ALBA

Lord Byron: Amor e morte in Greece

The British Romantic poet Lord Byron (1788-1824) first arrived in Greece in 1809 at the tender age of 21, in search of adventure and sexual liberation. He travelled around Epirus and Attica with his friend John Cam Hobhouse. In Athens he drafted parts of Child Harold while renting a room in the house of the widow of Prokopis Makris, who had been vice-consul of Britain to Athens. Alexandre-Marie Colin, Byron as Don Juan, 1831. Private collection Mrs. Makris had three daughters

New Concepts for Greek Hotels

Xenia Motel at Meteora by Aris Konstantinidis (1960).  Photo source: tourismlandscapes. The Glorious 50s & 60s – Until the 1950s, the lodging industry in Greece consisted almost entirely of hotels situated in urban centers and resorts near the principal vacation destinations like Corfu or Rhodes. In 1950, the Greek National Tourism Organization began the Xenia program to construct and operate hotels across the country. The Xenia resort hotels were located in coastal and main

A little bit of Paris: Beaux-Arts Classicism in Athens

Iris Movie Theater of the Athens Student Club (1926-1931) by Alexandros Nikoloudis. Image (c) ΠΟΦΠΑ. Athens has quite the stable of Beaux Arts buildings. The neoclassical style espoused by the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris was a domestic hit from 1880 to 1920. Greek architects trained at the Parisian École married the well-established architectural language of classicism with Renaissance forms resulting in theatrical and heavily ornamented structures. Many of Athens’ most pro