How does Athens taste?

In 2004, Taste of London took the stage of the Somerset House as one of the ground-breaking events that heralded an era of advancements in the global gastronomy scene. Pass some fifteen years, and Athens brings the concept to its grounds. Taste of Athens gathers leading restaurants -some of which Michelin-star awarded - and from their own booths they serve special menus featuring signature dishes, and making sure they showcase the latest developments in the Athenian cuisine.

"Strange Itineraries" at the Onassis Stegi

this is a guest post by the Onassis Stegi. "It’s hard, but try to imagine that you’ve never laid eyes on Athens. Now imagine an exhibition in which artists from around the world were invited to create their own images of our Athens" there was just one condition: that they’d never seen it! That was the challenge laid down by “Strange Cities”, for which the Onassis Stegi, in collaboration with the team of curators from London’s Double Decker, carefully chose a team of visual ar