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An inclusive tour of Athens

Athens is always central to our appreciation of Greek history and the LGBTQI+ love is an important part of it. The acceptability that eros enjoyed in ancient Greek culture can be seen in philosophy, poetry, politics and the visual arts. On this walk you will learn about the history, facts and figures that weave a fascinating path from centuries ago to the present day.

Step out on an eye-opening journey through Athens and discover world-famous landmarks that have hidden stories as well as relatively unknown sites that are significant to the history of Love. Hear about and see the sites associated with the community life in antiquity, the haunts of the notorious romantic poet Lord Byron (who had a crush on an Athenian youth), the aesthetic poetry of Constantine Cavafy, and the homoerotic art of Yannis Tsarouchis among others. Learn about 20th century underground life and saunter through the areas where today's community socializes.

"I saw that lovely body which seemed
as though Eros in his mastery had fashioned it" -

Constantine Cavafy, At the Café Door

Text & route: Nicolas Nicolaides

Image: "Music Festival" / Wix commons

Music Festival
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