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Explore the Athens downtown

Birthplace of drama, democracy, and philosophy, Athens today is a maze of aesthetic anarchy filled with steel and concrete edifices and bustling thoroughfares. But hidden away from the busy main roads you will find a secret city of narrow alleyways, hidden courtyards and ancient buildings all of which are cobwebbed by time. Relish this cultural mishmash with this walking tour that explores the distinct neighborhoods where Athens began.  

This tour spans 2,500 years of Athenian history including Greek and Roman ruins, Byzantine churches, stately neoclassical edifices, vibrant city squares and colorful markets. Over the course of the walk, your guide aims to give a broad but comprehensive look at the city explaining in detail how the city as a whole has been planned and built. We will also try to situate you in Athens, orient you to the major areas, and answer any of your questions.

"Luxuriant grass, a fine plane-tree and a clear spring, hard by Ilissus, were inspiration enough for Socrates: in such a spot he could sit bantering Phaedrus, refuting Lysias, and invoking the Muses."
Lucian, The Hall

Text & route: Nicolas Nicolaides

Image: "View of Athens from the river Ilissos", Johann Michael Wittmer,1833

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