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UNESCO World Book Capitals, Athens

Athens was named the 2018 World Book Capital by UNESCO, following a bid placed by the city authorities a few years before. Big Olive was appointed by the Athens 2018 committee and the Athens Partnership to bundle a program, produce original ideas and prospect team players. The programme was successfully submitted to the UNESCO in January 2018.


Client: Athens 2018 World Book Capital

Services: Program curation, Contracting, Site Visits

Hosting Venues: Distinguished locations across the city

Audience: Open to public


About the program

The Athens 2018 World Book Capital programme features more than 250 activities and events that will reach an estimated one million visitors. Innovative and socially inclusive to its core, the programme will bring together all the city’s major cultural institutions and other stakeholders, along with selected civic groups and creative initiatives.

Athens is a European city that combines a unique cultural heritage with dynamic creative expression, and the key vision of the Athens 2018 World Book Capital programme is to unite the city’s creative forces in a common cultural goal: to leave a solid legacy in terms of physical evidence, as well as in the mindset of its citizens.

With a vibrant patchwork of events, artworks, projections, walking trails, grass-roots initiatives and workshops, Athens 2018 – Books everywhere! aims to provide fertile literary ground for open dialogue, not only for creators, stakeholders and intellectuals but – more importantly – for all its citizens.

Renowned British and Greek writers, experts and artists will take part in this literary celebration. Discussions, readings, exhibitions, film festivals and round-table discussions will broaden the public’s horizons, as the aim of these activities isn’t the usual book presentations and writers’ talks but discussions, debates and analyses of a wide variety subjects, all inspired by the world of books. Athens 2018 World Book Capital will play an important part in the city’s most significant festivals, while the city will be filled with creative programmes that will make Athens an inspiring place to live, work and explore".


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