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Athens Upcycled

Athenians often describe their city as an explosion of concrete - a quasi makeshift sprawl that struggles to absorb its past and find creative ways to reuse it. How has this “upcycling” helped the city develop a new identity? Can our bas-reliefs tell the story of an ever-evolving metropolis?

Before emerging as the capital of modern Greece in the early 19th century, Athens was left in ruins after years of warfare against the Ottoman Empire. Soon European architects would arrive with the mission to build a brand new Athens and link it to its glorious past. The newcomers would come to realise, however, that it was in those scattered ruins and inbuilt spoglia, that the real charm and identity of Greece was found.

Join us on this exclusive walking experience as we explore the city and its landmarks through the lense of "upcycling", creativity and design. Starting off with an aperitivo at the celebrated lounge of the New Hotel -the Campana architects' undoubted masterpiece of upcycling, we will unravel the thread of Athenian history and touch on topics of aesthetics, identity and cultural appreciation over time.

An exclusive partnership between NEW hotel and Big Olive, Athens Upcycled comes in the three below versions, each one covering a different part of the city.




Downtown Athens

New Hotel - Syntagma - University - Trigono - Monastiraki

2-3 hours

Street Photography

New Hotel - Monastiraki - Psyrri - Omonoia

2-3 hours

Classical Marsterpieces

One archaeological site (Acropolis, Acropolis Museum or the Agora) - Plaka - New Hotel

3-4 hours


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