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Naturist Beaches in Athens

Updated: May 10, 2021

With the ever-growing popularity of nude beaches ardent naturists are being joined by more casual visitors daring to dress only in sunscreen to spend a sunny day on the beach.

The appeal is pretty much universal – families longing for some stress-free time together, young couples wanting to satisfy the craving for total freedom and the elderly looking for an alternative lifestyle. Whatever the reason, Big Olive brings you a list of the best nude beaches around Athens, as selected by enthusiastic naturists.


Southern Attica Discover some of Attica’s finest beaches by taking the coast road to Cape Sounion. Every turn offers a vista of another stunning cove with rocky outcrops and deserted sandy shores – including some naturist ones. You can actually swim nude in most of the secluded rocky bays between Varkiza until Cape Sounion. Just take an extra bottle of sunscreen and beware of spiny sea urchins when swimming off the rocks.

Limanakia Limanakia is a series of beautiful rocky coves easily accessible by bus (view on Google Maps). Take the metro to Elliniko then bus no. E22 to Beta Limanakia (ask the driver where to get off), follow the steep trail down to the water and claim your own rock. The water is beautiful and the beach is rocky with lots of convenient open flat rocks, as well as hidden corners to get some more intimate atmosphere even when it is pretty crowded. The crowd is quite diverse, mixed straight and gay, beach-goers tend to be locals with a smattering of international travelers.


Riba’s Below the rocks at Riba’s nightclub and after the coastal suburb of Varkiza is where the nude beach starts. Walk down the rocky cliffs and you’ll run right into naked sunbathers basking in the seemingly endless sun. The beach is easily accessible by bus (no. E22, stop Riba’s). Ideal for the introvert souls that want to avoid the crowds.

Mavro Lithari (aka Madonna Coves) Three small sandy beaches below the roadside guard-rails along Athens to Sounion coast road, after the resort town of Saronida (view on Google Maps). Park your car just past the hotel there, and walk looking for steps leading down to the water. The beach is clothing optional, the north end is where the gays and nudists let it all hang out.


Legrena (KAPE beach) On your approach to the Temple of Poseidon, there is a secluded pebbly beach at Legrena. Just past km 63 and right before the town of Legrena, you will see a right turn with some sign labeled K.A.P.E. (Center of Renewable Forms of Energy); follow the road for 0.5 km. The road ends at an abandoned bar with steps going down to a textile beach (view on Google Maps). At the far end of the beach (to the right as you face the sea) you will see a path leading over some rocks. On the other side of the rocks there is a lovely pebbly beach; the sea shelves gently, making it suitable for families. For those going by public transportation, take a KTEL intercity bus from Athens toward Cape Sounion and get off at K.A.P.E. (don’t forget to ask the driver).

Cape Sounion Attica’s rustic side is highlighted by the cliffs, splendid summer villas and beautiful water, with Ancient Greece’s ruins as the backdrop. This is really far more than a visit to a beach though, as the ruins of Poseidon’s Temple, hovering between sea and sky will captivate your imagination. Arrange your visit at dusk to enjoy one of the most spectacular sunset vantage points in Attica. As you wander around the ancient ruins you will discover at the cape’s edge (to the left as you face the sea) a little pebbly beach where you can enjoy a swim in the buff. On a large rock someone has painted a big sign saying FKK and gymnos (nude in Greek). For those going by public transportation, take a KTEL bus from Athens toward Cape Sounion.


Eastern Attica East Attica combines off the beaten path archeological sites and waterside escapes that are real gems for families.

Rhamnous (Ramnountas) Rhamnous beach is a haven for back-to-nature beach lovers (view on Google Maps). It isn’t easy to find but it is definitely worth the drive (especially if you have your own vehicle). The beach lies on a wild coast east of Marathon, right below the sanctuary of Nemesis, a serene and evocative archeological site. For those going by public transportation, take a KTEL bus from Athens toward the Agia Marina port, get off at the Agia Marina and Rhamnous crossroads, and follow the signs, about 3 km down the road. Or take a taxi from Marathon village.


Marathon (Marathonas) Marathon is the site of the eponymous battle (490 BC), in which the heavily outnumbered Athenian army defeated the Persians. The tumulus or burial mound for the 192 Athenian dead that was erected near the battlefield remains a feature of the coastal plain. Marathon beach (view on Google Maps) is a little over 2-hour ride from buzzing Athens, but to get on the wilder stretches of shore where birthday suits are de rigueur you’ll have to walk from the bus stop along the beach for more than an hour (That is if you don’t have a car). However, it is totally worth it. It’s a great weekend escape, and a favorite spot of nudists and free campers – although free camping is forbidden.


Brauron (Vravrona) Brauron, situated on the east coast of Attica, was one of the oldest sacred-places in Greece, where the goddess of the hunt, Artemis was worshiped. The sanctuary was an important cult center that played a key role in the religious life of especially Athenian women. Nowadays the site is surrounded by wetlands filled with birds. A small and elegant museum boasts a collection of statues of Athenian girls who “played the bear” in the rituals of Artemis. Brauron is located only 38 km away from Athens. Arriving by car, follow the road Markopoulo-Porto Rafti at the end of Mesogeion Avenue after the suburb of Agia Paraskevi. The coves at Brauron, about 2kms from the museum, are cozy and remote and a favorite swimming spot of  naturists (view on Google Maps).

Public transport information E22 Timetable and Bus Stops. KTEL  is the Greek intercity bus service. The orange buses servicing Marathon, Lavrion, Sounion and Rafina depart Pedion Areos (Alexandra & Mavromateon Street) starting at 06:30 and every half hour or so – last bus 21:30. Tel: +302108230179 (for buses to Cape Sounion) Tel: +302108210872 (for buses to Marathon)


Written by Nicolas Nicolaides

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