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The Hotel Walk

Updated: May 10, 2021

Big Olive's "Hotel Walk" visits a selection of the finest hotels in Athens as integral, vivid parts of a city walk-through. The concept was first developed in October 2020, when locals, visitors and journalists alike were invited to witness the latest developments in athenian hospitality and meet the players that spearhead the change.

Big Olive's Hotel Walk is a creative concept developed exclusively during the Stay in Athens by Mastercard festival, where program holders were given the chance to experience some of city's finest hotels and services at special rates.


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"Hotel Walks" featured hotels (in order of appearance):

New Hotel, a member of YES! Hotels

Electra Metropolis, a member of Electra Hotels & Resorts

Perianth Hotel

Brown Acropol, a member of Brown Hotels

A for Athens (part of the photography masterclass).

Festival Organizer

Toposophy / Mastercard

Written by Yannis Zaras

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