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Monocle Quality of Life Conference, Athens

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The UK-based global affairs and lifestyle magazine teams up with Big Olive to organize its prestigious Quality of Life Conference in Athens.

Client: Monocle Publications UK

Services: Interior setup & design (Agora); Floral arrangements

Venues: Benaki Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

Audience: Public

About the Conference

The Monocle Quality of Life Conference typically brings together thought leaders, experts, and professionals from various fields to discuss and explore topics related to urbanism, quality of life, and the future of cities.

During the conference, speakers may cover a range of subjects, including urban planning, architecture, design, sustainability, and social issues. The aim is to provide insights into creating more livable and prosperous cities while addressing challenges faced by urban environments.

Attendees of the Monocle Quality of Life Conference may include city planners, architects, business leaders, policymakers, and individuals interested in the intersection of urban living, design, and well-being.

that was first launched in 2007 by Tyler Brûlé. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, including international affairs, business, culture, design, and travel. Monocle is known for its sophisticated and distinctive design, quality journalism, and its focus on global trends and issues.

Image source: Big Olive

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