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Big Olive Events: A blend of culture, heritage & social impact

As of September 2021, Big Olive becomes the trusted production partner for events of international caliber and social impact in Athens.

Our team was selected as the local team player for a series of events in the last two months, including:

The Monocle "Quality of Life" Conference, hosted at the Benaki Museum and the National Museum of Contemporary Art;

The Panerai "P-Day" event, hosted at the Lamda Flisvos Marina -featuring "Eilean", a 70-foot ketch of the interwar years, in direct dialogue with a former industrial warehouse;

A comprehensive panel discussion on the current and future practices in the workspace for the LGBTQI+ community at the EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, by appointment of the European Parliament and the Athens Pride. Guest speakers included top-management representatives of 5 major multinational companies operating in Greece.

In anticipation of numerous large-scale projects scheduled for 2022 and 2023, our team is extending its service portfolio to include: consulting for spaces of cultural interest; event applications & logistics flow management; hospitality suite & guest info point concepts.

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