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LifeBonus Pop-up office & event, Hamburg-Athens

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

LifeBonus, a leading health sector company, engaged Big Olive to establish a one-month pop-up office in Athens for its Hamburg-based staff to work remotely. Additionally, Big Olive has been tasked with organizing a corporate anniversary event to celebrate the milestone for the company's owner.


Client: LifeBonus GmbH, Hamburg

Services: Pop-up office scouting and selection, equipment, contracting, team building activities. Anniversary event setup and event production

Venues: Cine Dexameni, Horizontes, Ergon House, the Modernist Athens

Audience: 90 team and management


About Lifebonus

LifeBonus is the market leader in the field of profession-specific health promotion for caregivers. The company assists thousands of professional nursing staff throughout Germany. Lifebonus supports caregiving family members with the "ich pflege" (I care) app, and combines today's health expertise with the digital possibilities of tomorrow.

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